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Nora Salazar

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Nora Salazar is a Certified Autism Coach, Certified Strategic Intervention Life Coach, and Certified Autism Travel Professional. She specializes in social communication, both verbal and nonverbal, with autistic and ADHD clients of all ages, abilities, and learning differences. Nora is also certified by the PEERS program (The Program for the Education and Enrichment of Relational Skills). In addition to social pragmatics, Nora helps her clients transition to independent living and set realistic goals by assessing their strengths and challenges and external factors that could influence and affect the client. 

Nora is also a Certified Addiction Recovery Coach certified by The Substance Abuse Provider (ASAP) of New York, and she is trained in suicide prevention. She works with individuals who have had a difficult time adjusting to independence after substance abuse. Nora collaborates with therapists and other supports in order to streamline care and maximize the client’s progress.

As a coach, Nora seeks to build a trusting and supportive mentoring relationship with her clients so that she and her client can identify any barriers that are preventing the client from achieving their desired goals and happiness in life. Once the objectives are determined, Nora and her client will work together using a variety of tools, such as role-playing, real-world experiences, and other activities to develop the skills and knowledge required to successfully overcome any areas of weakness or social barriers.

Nora helps her clients to develop or improve their skills in social interaction, friendship-building, trying new experiences, managing stress and anxiety, basic health hygiene and personal care, community safety, food shopping and meal preparation, cooking, household care, using transportation, dating and romantic relationships, social skills in the workplace, basic problem-solving, organization and time management, and independent living so that they can uncover their wants, passions, and goals, overcome obstacles and reach triumphs. Nora will be there to support you every step of the way.





Social skills and friendship building

Social expectations and unwritten social rules

Flexible thinking and perspective taking

Dating and romantic relationships

Career development

Job hunting, resume building, interview prep

Substance abuse

Independent living

Trying new experiences

Managing stress and anxiety

Basic health hygiene and personal care

Community safety

Food shopping and meal preparation

Household care

Using transportation

Basic problem-solving


“The impulse to heal is real and powerful and lies within the client. Our job is to evoke that healing power… and support it in its expression and development. We are not the healers. We are the context in which healing is inspired.”
- Ron Kurtz


“Trauma is not what happens to us, but what we hold inside in the absence of an empathetic witness...Trauma is about loss of connection—to ourselves, our bodies, our families, to others, and to the world around us. This disconnection is often hard to recognize because it doesn't happen all at once but rather over time.”
- Peter Levine


“A lot of people assume that having OCD means liking things organized or hating germs. It tends to be treated like a quirk or an endearing trait. But it's so much more than that. It's the one thing that prohibits me from being free of myself.” - Whitney Amazeen


“Think of having ADHD in this way… You have a ‘Ferrari’ brain but with ‘Chevy’ brakes.”
- Jonathan Mooney