Dr. Devon 

Psychologist (spectrum & ocd)

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Dr. Devon 

Psychologist, clinical Supervisor (spectrum & OCD)

Dr. Devon MacDermott is a licensed psychologist with over 10 years of experience. Dr. MacDermott specializes in working with the neurotypical partner in a neurodiverse relationship. She helps neurotypical partners understand the unique challenges of neurodiverse relationships, process past and present trauma, and find healthy boundaries to bring greater peace to her clients and their relationships.

Dr. MacDermott has extensive training in trauma recovery including being certified in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and being trained in EMDR, both widely accepted industry standards in healing trauma. Dr. MacDermott brings a compassionate, gentle presence in healing from trauma including the subtle, enduring trauma that so many endure growing up in their family of origin.

Dr. MacDermott also specializes in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Trained in the gold standard for OCD recovery, Exposure and Response Prevention, by The International OCD Foundation, Dr. MacDermott helps clients change their relationship to their intrusive thoughts so that they can stop being sucked into repetitive, painful compulsions and get back in the driver’s seat of their lives.


“The impulse to heal is real and powerful and lies within the client. Our job is to evoke that healing power… and support it in its expression and development. We are not the healers. We are the context in which healing is inspired.”
- Ron Kurtz


“Trauma is not what happens to us, but what we hold inside in the absence of an empathetic witness...Trauma is about loss of connection—to ourselves, our bodies, our families, to others, and to the world around us. This disconnection is often hard to recognize because it doesn't happen all at once but rather over time.”
- Peter Levine